Twenty Second Haiku

Compose a haiku from random words in twenty seconds.

What is a haiku?

A haiku is a poem with three lines. The first and last lines of a haiku each have five syllables. The middle line has seven syllables.

This is a haiku
That I wrote to help teach you
How to play my game

Above is an example of a haiku. Note the number of syllables (not words) on each line of the poem.

How do you play Twenty Second Haiku?

The goal of Twenty Second Haiku is to compose a haiku from random words in twenty seconds.

When you begin a game of Twenty Second Haiku, you will be presented with a collection of random words, an empty haiku template, and a twenty second timer.

How do you win?

You win if you create a valid haiku from the provided words before the timer expires.

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TagsCasual, Creative, Experimental, Short, Typing, Word game
Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Touchscreen
LinksSource code


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Do you practice

Remember my forward moves

into Lowercase

I struggled with this one but I like the idea

Interesting idea, like many say pretty hard but not impossible and i like in this way. I only found one "issue" because i found that i don't neccesarily have to write what is in the random words, i could write whatever i like and i win. I'm sure you know and it isn't a big issue but i tell you this in case you didn't realize.

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intereating idea. And pretty hard too. For a way to make it easier without extending the game time, I would suggest that you let the user click or touch the words to compose the haiku instead of typing. It may make the game too easy though...

Also, I tried to play this on my smartphone and found a bug where you can't type in the second line...

Thanks for the feedback! I just made a bug ticket for the input issue you mentioned:

Feel free to add more information/screenshots to it if you want, but no pressure whatsoever :) Thanks again!

Well, about that, I have good news for you, not so good for me...

I decided to record my screen to show the bug to you, and then I was able to type in all the lines with no problem. And when I gone to type this reply, the said bug happened with the comment box... So, the problem appears to be with my smartphone. Sorry for the false-positive :/


Ah, glad/sorry to hear that. Thanks for letting me know! I'll mark the issue as closed. Lemme know if you have any other feedback. I'm all ears :)


very difficult but I like the idea


thanks! i agree that it's very difficult...

although this goes against the spirit of the jam, I could add a setting that allows you to disable (or extend) the timer.

although the timer requires you to get better at typing so I kinda like i

This turns out to be a great typing test