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You are a mech pilot. The time has come to sell your old ride.

Use this guide to help you write a “classifieds ad” that showcases your mech to potential buyers.


  • [x] This rule sheet
  • [ ] 1 six-sided die (D6)
  • [ ] 1 pack of standard playing cards
  • [ ] Pen and paper


  1. Shuffle the deck
  2. Roll the D6 and draw that many cards (you can put the rest of the cards off to the side; you won’t need them)


  1. Play a card from your hand
  2. Use the SYSTEMS table and the ASPECTS table to derive a prompt (e.g. the prompt for the five of hearts would be “weapons anecdote”. Three of diamonds would be “AI quirk”. The ace of spades would be “power specifications”.)
  3. Roll the D6 and use the APPEAL table to determine how appealing buyers will find this aspect of your mech's system.
  4. Write a sentence or two (or three…) about this aspect of your mech's system, keeping in mind its appeal to your potential buyers.


  1. Write a short, descriptive title that will grab the attention of potential buyers
  2. Choose a fair listing price for your mech
  3. Double-check your ad for spelling and grammatical errors
  4. Post your ad somewhere potential buyers are likely to see it


Suit Aspect Description
Quirk Unique characteristics or idiosyncrasies of your mech that make it stand out from others. It could be an unusual feature, behavior, or attribute of the mech that might appeal to potential buyers.
Appearance The physical look of your mech. It could include things like color, size, or any additional aesthetic modifications you've made. The right appearance might be crucial for buyers looking for a specific aesthetic.
Anecdote Anecdotes are personal stories or experiences associated with your mech. They can add a personal touch or historical context to your mech, which can increase its appeal to certain buyers.
Specification Detailed descriptions of your mech's technical aspects, such as its power output, weapon capabilities, or sensor range. Clear and accurate specifications can assure buyers of what they're getting.


Rank System Description
A Power The energy required to power the mech's various functions, including movement, weapon usage, and system operations.
2 Interface The user-friendly control panel or control system that allows the pilot to operate the mech effectively.
3 AI Assists the pilot by controlling certain functions autonomously, providing important feedback, and offering tactical advice.
4 Sensors Allow the mech to perceive the world around it, identifying potential threats or objectives in the environment.
5 Weapons Includes any offensive capabilities the mech possesses, from projectile weapons to energy beams or even melee weapons.
6 Armor The defensive shell of the mech, designed to withstand attacks and protect the pilot and internal systems from damage.
7 Cargo The storage capacity of the mech, for carrying anything from supplies and ammunition to secondary equipment or mission-specific items.
8 Chassis The structural framework of the mech, providing support and integrity for the various systems and components.
9 Aesthetics The visual design and appearance of the mech, which can be designed for practical purposes like camouflage, or for symbolic and cultural significance.
10 Communications The systems the mech uses to send and receive information, whether communicating with a base of operations, other mechs, or other entities.
J Safety Features designed to protect the pilot and ensure the safe operation of the mech, such as safety protocols, emergency systems, and protective features.
Q Repairability This refers to the ease and efficiency with which the mech can be repaired, either through automated systems, user-friendly design, or support from external sources.
K Accessories Additional features or equipment that support the core function of the mech, enhancing its capabilities or offering specialized functions for specific situations.


Roll Appeal Description
1 Dealbreaker This is a critical flaw or issue that could potentially dissuade all but the most desperate or specific buyers. It's something that seriously undermines the mech's value or functionality.
2 Problem A problem is a significant negative aspect that may deter many potential buyers. It's not as severe as a dealbreaker, but it's something that would need fixing or dealing with.
3 Defect A defect is a minor issue or fault with the mech. It's not ideal, but some buyers might be willing to overlook it, especially if the mech excels in other areas or if the defect can be easily repaired.
4 Feature A feature is a standard, expected aspect of the mech. It doesn't particularly add or detract from the mech's appeal, but its absence could be noted. Features are the basic expectations any buyer would have for a functional mech.
5 Bonus A bonus is an aspect of the mech that, while not necessary, adds value. It could be an extra feature, a unique design element, or an exceptional performance in a particular area. Bonuses could attract more buyers or justify a higher price.
6 Luxury A luxury is an exceptional or rare attribute that greatly increases the mech's appeal. This could be a high-end feature, superior performance, or exclusive accessory. Luxuries can make the mech highly desirable to certain buyers, often justifying a premium price.


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(2 edits)


This old mech still has alot of life left in her. 

The AI is a bit conversational, far beyond simple tactical advice and status updates, the AI in this mech thrives on casual personal conversation. 

Another strange quirk - the rapid-fire weapons system fires rounds according to the fibbonacci sequence;  this improves accuracy and conserves ammo .. however, it might be a deteriment in scenarious where you are out-gunned and need to blast out as many shots as possible right away.

the battery covers have been heavily corroded by battery acid, due to many incidents of battery overheating, and explosion.

the communications array on top of the mech includes a gold plated dish and four (4) reinforced platinum conductors on each shoulder.

the super-hifi surround-sound speakers inside the cabin are almost impossible to locate, entirely hidden from view. 

Hopefully someone can put this old mech back to good use.  Sold to the first person with 5,000 bars of gold pressed latinum.


Got this bright pink and green neon beauty from winning a bet out in the Kuiper belt. She's both space and ground compatible with a 60 second transformation time! Id like to see one faster on this side of mars!

This ride is decked out in a full set newly attached tungesten, flown out from Earth as a favor from a friend. After a few bets and deals this baby has one of the strongests outter shells ive ever tested. But hey, dont worry too much about the details.

There was one minor mishap flying this baby into port. On the way in we had to pilot her past a few rogue asteroids and lost a cargo dock. But hey, look at that paint job!

Don't ask too many questions and she's yours for only 5000 ₩€!


₽ 55,000,000 Imperial Credits (firm)

This is a 2097 Pluto Class mining mech, crew cab XL, in good shape, fresh tags and I have the service history if you want it. There IS some surface rust on the chassis but the titanium is SOLID. Also you'll probably want to replace the broken ratchet lashing in the aft cargo bay; one of my pilots steered off a moon cliff during a dustcyclone causing a gigachrystal he was hauling to break free. Other than that though she should be good to go for ya. Oh yeah as a bonus we also ported Windows Media Player into the nav. interface and loaded the entire Criterion Collection filmography so you have something to watch when you're running autopilot ;)

call Ric +77.388.2345.6466.3453.5950

holochat preferred but I'll respond to texts